Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gary Kelly: An Artist at Work

Saturday, November8, 2008

Henry Myrtle Gallery hosted Gary Kelly to come and paint for us. I have enjoyed his work for many years. (He could live anywhere but he lives in Cedar Falls!)

I was on my way to Henry Myrtle and saw these pumpkins on 23rd street.
Just had to put them on.

Gary provides insight to his pieces.
The whys and what he was thinking.

His wife Linda looks on at Gary teaches us all about his use of
oils, composition, lighting and other elements of his paintings.

An artists palette.

What do you bring out? What do you try and subdue?

We loved to watch him paint.
I could watch for hours. Really.

My friend, Judy, who is an artist as well,
poses with Gary and the piece he was working on.

This is my favorite. Le Tour de France.

Gary packs up. The couple hours flew by for us.
Jim inspects a piece a little close.

Thursday, November 20th, 2008
The opening reception.
Paris and the French Riviera

Of course these are my favorite.

The feeling is very intimate. The pieces pull you in.
You ask questions to yourself about each one.

The finished piece.

I love this grouping of biographical pieces.

It was fun, exciting and educational to watch Gary paint. I'm sure all of us came away with something, if not as an art concept perhaps as a way of looking at life and how it falls around us.

Here's to art and Gary Kelly! I thank him for sharing with us.

Take care and take pictures.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cedar Rock: Lowell & Agnes Walter Residence

I have been fortunate to have explored, driven past, worshiped in, visited with 2 original owners of 48 Frank Lloyd Wright structures. Naturally, I took pictures of them all.

The Walter Residence, S.284, was the very first FLW designed home that I visited. For many years I had driven past the sign saying "Cedar Rock, Frank Lloyd Wright" but didn't really know what that was. When I finally took the time to check it out I was well rewarded! That was 5 years ago though and the pictures I took were on film. Today was a perfect spring day and I felt that that was a sign to visit once again. I took the tour and took interior pictures of all the rooms as well as the outside pictures I have posted. You will have to see for yourself the amazing inside of the home because pictures really don't do it justice. The staff is knowable and approachable. Not at all stuffy. After all...this is IOWA!

The original gate, S.284B (1945), to the Walters summer home.
The approach
The entry way.
One of 22 Cherokee Red Signature Tiles.
These plants are descendants of the original plants picked out by Mr. Wright.
Fantastic view of the Wapsipinicon River from the Garden Room.
Looking south east.
Looking south west.
Looking in at the peaceful Garden Room
Details: I like the downspout system.
The lighting looks familiar. What is that shape from?
Beautiful detail throughout in the masonry.
Council Fire, S.284A (1945), just north of the house. Seats 20 for a cozy fire.
I like this lighting.
The over all view of the Council Fire.

Springtime looks very well for Cedar Rock.
The north side of the house.
Mrs. Walters garden has been lovingly restored
to how she had it.
Looking north back at the house while on my way down to the River Pavilion, S. 285 (1948).

The Walters could sit and relax at the rivers edge.
These are wonderful models made by
Iowa State University architecture students.

So if you are headed east or west on Highway 20 in Iowa and see the sign...stop off and look around Cedar Rock. You will love the warmth of the home with its polished woodwork, the ingenuity of the design and details and most of all, the peacefulness of the setting.

Get out and take plenty of pictures of where ever you go.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Old Capitol, Iowa City, Iowa

I have driven by or visited Old Capitol most of my life as my parents are from Iowa City and we visited fairly often. We did not have a chance to get up to the Senate and House chambers this weekend.

The corner stone was laid *July 4th 1840 before Iowa was an official state. December 29, 1846 we became the 29th state. The capitol moved to Des Moines in 1857. The large rocks are engraved with various class years.

The cupola was rebuilt after the fire in 2001.
The front yard, known as the Pentacrest, has lost allot of trees over the years.
The Supreme Court Chamber had room for 3 judges.
Territorial and State Library once held 1,500 books organized by the Parvin's cataloging system. I'm not sure what that means exactly. But I will ask around.
The library was not open to the public.
Treasurer's Office complete with safe.
Governor's Office
Old Capitol Staircase is a beautiful reverse spiral with very graceful lines.
The top step ends directly over the beginning step. I love this as it seems so left handed.
This is a 1850's reproduction chandelier that weighs about 110 pounds. My mother said that she and my dad cleaned all three chandeliers very carefully one prism at a time. The lived in Iowa City until 1960. They worked for the University.

This is my favorite photo of the weekend.

*Source: Facing East and Facing West Iowa's Old Capitol Museum
Text by: Linzee Kull McCray.
Published by the University of Iowa Press, 2007.
Of course the photos are my own.

Let your pictures tell the story.